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  FlexCode Public Seminar, 12.03.2009, 14.00-15.30
Hermia 11, NRC Tampere, Finland

Title: Recent advances in flexible geometric structures for speech and audio coding
Speaker: Adriana Vasilache, NRC Tampere
Flexibility becomes an important characteristic of today’s speech and audio codecs, whether they are intended to cope with different material to be encoded, varying communication network conditions, or various transmitter/receiver types. On the other hand, from the compression and computational efficiency point of view, geometrically structured tools have already proven a viable solution as coding methodologies. Nevertheless, their intrinsic structure limits the adaptation capability which is required in the overall coding/decoding scenario. The presentation aims at pointing several recent directions for achieving source coding flexibility while being subject to constraints imposed by the geometrical structure of the compression tools. The methods presented here have been developed within the FlexCode European project.

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